Process images from work made especially for OR Gallery’s 30th Anniversary Auction fundraiser.

Frottage: In the Thickness of Flesh
Dimensions: 113 drawings on German toilet paper — sheet size 3.75” x 6”
Materials used: toilet paper, crayon, typewriter, text, and a stalk of celery; along with the postage box and a found picture frame.
Title derived from the Surrealists paired with Maurice Merleau-Ponty’s The Visible and the Invisible


For this work, I requested a roll of toilet paper be sent to me from OR Gallery Berlin. It surprisingly arrived at my address even though the address on the box is incorrect. I proceeded to separate each sheet from the roll so as to begin these drawings. The colours used in the drawings vaguely match the colours of the mailed box with the colour of the physical crayon. They do not match the box colours accurately and there is no scientific claim to this process of choosing. Shavings from each random crayon are sprinkled onto a random space on the sheet of toilet paper and are rubbed in with my finger against a stalk of celery that is placed under the sheet. A text excerpted from Maurice Merleau-Ponty’sThe Visible and The Invisible is then typed, three words at a time, onto each sheet. The full text, in backwards order following the top drawing to the bottom drawing, is then also typed, poem-like on a sheet of paper sized 7.7” x 11.25” and placed in a tight dramatic frame.









This is the second in a series of works using toilet paper as a medium. The first, Coming & Going: The Erotic Life of Property was made for the Vancouver Art Gallery’s 2009 exhibition, How Soon Is Now, curated by Kathleen Ritter. Coming & Going now resides in the collection of the Vancouver Art Gallery’s recent acquisitions.