QUARTET for the Year 4698 or 5760

Images show production and installation shots from the Morris & Helen Belkin Gallery (Vancouver, 2000); Oboro (Montreal, 2001), and Open Space Gallery (Victoria, 2002) along with performance images with Lori Freedman playing in the quartet to create a quintet.

QUARTET for the Year 4698 or 5760
A multimedia, performance installation that includes audience contributions and computer components.  Featuring Lori Freedman on bass clarinet. 

.QUARTET For The Year 4698 or 5760 is an interdisciplinary sculptural project consisting of: 1 - a gallery installation with four 16mm film projectors, audio and a large cylindrical screen; 2 - live performance of musical improvisations by Lori Freedman playing the bass clarinet; 3 - computers that produce a digital translation of all Quartet installation (including ambient/public sounds) written in music notation, printed by a dot matrix printer onto paper and displayed in the gallery; 4 - a web piece on the Internet


An exhibition catalogue was published by Open Space Gallery, Victoria, 2004.

Visit the  QUARTET website here.

Belkin installation photos: Howard Ursuliak, 2000